Vimasoft is a custom computer manufacturer dedicated to providing a variety of purpose built software and hardware platforms to the Video Surveillance Industry. Utilizing a unique and carefully developed combination of in-house procedures and expertise, Vimasoft builds custom designed servers, workstations and NVRs for industrial and commercial use, and are optimized for solving the most critical computing requirements. Our customers are served by a dedicated team of experts in system configuration, architecture, assembly, committed to provide the highest level of personal service and craftsmanship.
All computer systems manufactured by Vimasoft are backed up by a 3 year warranty, personalized customer service, and free, on-line technical support. 

EVO-S and EVO GLOBAL Software
Video Management Software

Luxriot EVO is one of the most comprehensive enterprise-level VMS solutions on the market, featuring interactive maps linked to alarms; an advanced event and action manager; analytics tools; video wall support and other components you will definitely appreciate. 

EVA Artificial Intelligence Software
Artificial Intelligence

Evo Video Analytics or EVA is a neural network based engine for efficient object detection and classification. At the EVA core, there is true artificial intelligence that helps you to detect and process temporal and spatial events.

Systems Consulting Services
  Systems Design

Security cameras on buses and subways can help protect innocent citizens from terrorist attacks and help maintain a safe and secure environment.

Warranty up to 3 years
 Warranty Services

Recent trade tariffs will increase the temptation for theft of raw materials needed for manufacturing, storing and shipping of important goods.

Latest IP Camera Technology
IP Camera Technology

Vimasoft IP cameras offer accurate and reliable technology to be used with deep learning algorithms for Face, Object, and license plate recognition, providing professionals with optimal low-light image quality, high quality and performance.

NVRs and Servers
Workstations and Servers

Vimasoft is a server and custom computer builder with a variety of configurations and options, including cabinet rack servers, tower servers and blade servers.

Vimasoft offers FREE* hardware calculation services. 

*Includes free hardware estimate when you purchase LUXRIOT EVO Video Management software.

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